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Monday, September 24, 2007

Me, Myself and I: Essay

A young little girl, born three and a half months premature on May 30, 1994, weighing one-pound twelve ounces and needing surgery on her heart for a valve that wouldn't close. A body so small and fragile which could fit on her dad's hand, has now evolved and matured. Why, who might this girl be, with those multicoloured eyes? Why, none other than myself, Selena Lee, of course!

Drawing, writing, watching some tv, video games, the computer, music (whether it be Japanese, English, Russian, Korean or Chinese, metal, pop, rock, ect.), you name it, I will probably like it...or not. Drawing and listening to music are what come to me naturally. If my mp3 player's dead, a song pops in my head for replacement, and I can't help but doodle everywhere as the music inspires me somewhat. Writing I do whenever I'm bored, or if I'm assigned it. My friends say I'm awesome or good at it, I retaliate with a,"But it's so horrible!" remark of some kind. Deep down in the lowest pits of the earth, I will admit that I am decent at it, though. Watching tv, video games and the computer speak for themselves.

Sports, I'm not really one for. Although I did use to play soccer when I'd lived in Alberta, my dad being one of the coaches. My spirits for that sport died when I didn't get any pictures of which I ordered, my own teammates stealing the ball from me also contributed to that. I admit, it's a pretty fun sport, but I would have to say I like badminton more. I think it's just how...light the birdie feels when you swing it, I guess.

Cats, dogs, white tigers, pandas, sharks, cobras, you name it, all animals are awesome in their own way. (Except for spiders and other insects, they scare the living donkey out of me.) The animals I especially like are my pets; my dog, Nikki, and my cats, Baby and Dasher. They're so adorable and full or energy, I just can't help but pet or try to squeeze the living life out of them...That is, if they don't run away. If you had them as pets, I bet you would want to squeeze the living life out of them as well, I mean, they're just that adorable with their cute little eyes and spazziness!

How could such a small little girl grow into something so big? Who knows, perhaps she kept fighting and fighting until she could make it out of the hospital to see the world, and I have. Perhaps not all of it, in fact, I've yet to see quarter of it, but perhaps these invisible wings will grow stronger and I'll be able to explore the land, with the help of my home, friends and interests following me along the way.


Emilie said...

hey good essay i love it its soooooo cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marisa said...

I like your blog .I had no idea that you were a premature baby.I have a dog and some cats too.

~Chow Wo Man~ said...

Wish you would write more. 12 Girls Band is one of my favorite bands too.

~Chow Wo Man~ said...

What do you mean about your eyes?